Lighting up the world with heart and producing each light to satisfy your need with our full heart at all time.

Supplying lights with function varies from common function to Color changing, helping promote your brand influence, push social interaction and injecting fresh energy into community. 

Guide of Smart Apparatus
The energy efficiency, sustainability, running cost economy and so on are the prior factors our lighting system will consider.
Green and Energy-Saving Brand
Comfort, high efficiency, safety, beautifying spaces, environmental protection are what our light system can offer you.  

China Famous Brand
Leader of Led Revolution 
     staff are highly educated with over 90% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Within five years, we have acquired 25 independent intellectual property patents, of which 12 have passed the National Electric Light Source Detection standards, 16 of these products have also passed the type test. Our products are widely distributed around the globe, including Europe, Australia, and Japan.

With strong support from the government and local councils we have been given opportunities to light the main auditorium in The Great Hall in Beijing. This is but one of many large lighting projects we have undertaken, aiming to continue our work as a pioneer of energy efficient lighting throughout China and the rest of the world.


Founded in 2008, Skyled, is a company whose core value is to develop greener and more environmentally friendly light sources. our specialization is in the research, development and manufacturing of these lights. We are proud members of the Lighting association of China and the China Association of Inventors.

Our company’s core team is composed of 30 experts dedicated to researching newer, more energy efficient ways of producing light through the use of LEDs. We have accumulated vast experience around each individual aspect of the LED; from the power supply through to the architectural design of the case, and can therefore produce highly effective lighting solutions to suit all environments. Our 


Choosing between thousands of professional traditional lights and LED lights which suit all kinds of lighting applications.

To create a world-class brand is the ultimate goal of SKYLED lighting and is committed to promoting the concept of ambient light: to artificial lighting landscaping business and residential space, lighting energy saving and protecting the health of human survival environment.